Pearl Fryer’s Topiary Garden and other random art in or near Columbia, S. Carolina.

Wow. Can’t believe my last post was in May. And that this post is about a trip I did in December of 2018. Pretty damn far behind on this, but between my blog and community Climate Steps, sortof leading Green … Continue reading

Giving Testimony on Climate Change in front of the DC City Council

I realize I never posted this!  Back in October, I did something unusual for me:  I gave  testimony on climate change in front of the DC City Council’s Transportation and Environment committee. It was a great experience, both listening and … Continue reading

My Solar Panel Installation — on Earth Day, No Less

My most recent adventure in 2019! Still have to catch up on some others, but thought I would go ahead and post this. So happy!

Climate Steps

(I did some semi-live updates during the installation, which helped work out some nervousness on my part. So that’s how this blog is organized.)

4:31 am. So excited about my solar panel installation! I would say that is why I’m awake at 4:31 AM, but really it’s due to insane jet lag. But excited none the less. The very cool thing is, that my installation was delayed, so now it gets to happen on Earth Day!

Unfortunately, I have to wait at least another four hours for the process to begin.

05:35 AM – Managed to drift back to sleep a bit there, but now wide awake. I’ve decided to go ahead and publish this blog and update it along the way today, in case people want to check out how its going – and also talk about what all is involved in turning a city rowhouse as much as…

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