Giving Testimony on Climate Change in front of the DC City Council

I realize I never posted this!  Back in October, I did something unusual for me:  I gave  testimony on climate change in front of the DC City Council’s Transportation and Environment committee. It was a great experience, both listening and testifying.  This was for Green Neighbors DC, which I’ve been a member of since 2014, but my testimony also expressed my personal knowledge in what’s coming as a scientist – that DC’s going to get kicked big by climate change and we had better start fighting it, and preparing for it.

I lead my story off with experience with armadillos and fire ants in Texas – and guess what, they are moving north and will hit the DC area in about 10 years.  But I emphasized that if we think it’s hot now – we have an average of 8-9 95+ degree days a year, wait until we have an average of 85 95+ days a year (in 2100 – but I think we all know that data is going to have to be revised.  It’s coming sooner.)  The testimony is here, if you want to read it Green Neighbors DC gives testimony on B22-904, the Clean Energy Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018, for the DC City Council

As I’ve noted elsewhere, my personal adventures have fallen by the wayside, in part because I have thrown myself into the climate change fight – both through Green Neighbors DC, and through growing my own climate change website and community, Climate Steps, which provides ideas for individuals on how they can fighting climate change, instead of waiting for the federal government to take action.  All of us have to fight – every little bit will help save a life (of all species), so the planet can eventually recover.  Yes, unfortunately, it is going to be that bad unless we pull full stop on  this out-of-control heat engine we’ve created.  Please join us in the fight.





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