Sleeper Car on the Train

Catching up on my adventures/new activities.  This one was a mini-adventure, after all, I’ve taken train trips before …dsc05555(;  But this time, I took the train from DC to Atlanta in a sleeper car, as the tickets were the cheapest I had seen.  Just for the experience, as I’m a frugal person.  But ooh, how nice.  To have a room to myself, with plenty of space, plenty of windows – and to be able to lay down horizontally on an actually bed (though a little too firm) and sleep well.

Apparently, getting a sleeper berth qualifies you as “first class,” as we were called on the train, and yields some extra treatment, which I hadn’t really been aware of, such as bed turn-down service (nice, considering the bed has to be lowered and locked in place) and dinner and breakfast included (very nice).


So if you have a spare couple-hundred dollars (ha, maybe once every couple of years?) – or better yet, split the berth (as the seats make a bed as well), I highly recommend this as a means of travel.  Train travel is so carbon-neutral, that even getting your own sleeper berth doesn’t hurt.  And trains need as much support as they can get (Congress and Trump keep cutting their budget.)

Still, even the regular seats are fine – as I’ve mentioned in other posts.  The important thing is the view, the ability to lean against the wall, the quiet, the gentle rocking, the ability to work and relax, and the great leg room.  This woman with RA really appreciates that.

Oh, fyi – they also have a shower (not in the berth) you can use for the really long trips.  Now if only they had a gym….




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