Political Rally – with Beto

This was last month, but still memorable as tomorrow is the day of THE VOTE.  We shall see.  But this was my first ever political rally.  And it was with a man who may make history tomorrow.  Beto O’Rourke – the Democrat Congressman/common man/listener/and the most traveled man in Texas, was giving a fundraiser/politically rally for his run for Senate in Texas.   This was in DC, when he was back for the sessions in the House.

I had already been a fan since his live stream of when, during an intense snowstorm with flights canceled, he rented a car with a Republican Texas colleague, and drove cross-country to DC to get back in time for a vote.  Just the bi-partisan nature of it was fantastic in a period of intense partisan bickering.  https://www.elpasotimes.com/story/news/politics/blogs/tx-capital-report/2017/03/16/20-best-moments-orourke-hurds-road-trip/99223134/.

And then I was completely won over by his speech regarding the rights of NFL players to kneel before the flag to try to draw attention to violence against minorities.  It was amazing.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAw9eXXVwfM.

So even before my parents in Texas had heard of him, I went to a well-hipster-attended rally in DC.  Whohoo!

But best yet, he insisted on making himself available for hugs and photos with over the 1000 people who attended.  I wound up in a slow line, so he was sopping wet with sweat by the time I got there, but you couldn’t tell from the photo, luckily.  Introducing myself as the vegetarian daughter of a Texas cattle-rancher, I generated big smiles from him – and he does have a big smile.  He’s like a cross between Jimmy Stewart and JFK.



Anyway, he’s a good guy, and intends to be a Statesman, not a politician.  His views are progressive, but then so am I, yet he also intends to listen and build bridges.  FYI, he has accepted no money from PACs.  And yes, he has done a couple 4 Pinocchios (Google it.), but he tries hard actually to tell the truth, and does much, much better than Ted Cruz (who I despise as an obstructionist, and misogynist, and…, I could go on).

So I promptly told my parents to watch for him on TV and Mom has at least, and was impressed.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow.  But if not the Senate this year, then in the future, .   And maybe, he can help heal this country if given the chance.

Okay – that’s my political post for the year.  Cheers, all – and vote!






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