Night of the Environmentalists – Veggie Potluck & Outdoor Movie

This was a very fun, new adventure, right in my own backyard.

Climate Steps™

So as I already posted in our Climate Steps Facebook Discussion Group ( – I have discovered one of the most fun ways to fight climate change – throw a climate party. My friends Max, Nick, and I did, and it was a total success. We invited friends, and then we put an invite up on the neighborhood listserve. We had at least 32 people show up – including six who came due to the list serve. But then we also had a killer invitation:

My friend Max and I are finally fulfilling our New Year’s resolution: to throw a vegan/vegetarian (more vegan) potluck at my place. I’ve been vegetarian now for 25 years, and Max has been a vegan for eight, so this potluck is to celebrate and share the great, great recipes we’ve been tasting.

But there’s more. Green Neighbors DC is helping sponsor the event by paying…

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