A vegetarian for 25 years – where has that gotten the world?

Here’s a blog about an adventure I’ve been doing for 25 years!

Climate Steps™

This year, 2018, celebrates my having been a vegetarian for 25 years, despite Mom occasionally sneaking me an egg roll in that first year, saying “it only has a little bit of pork in it.”  I don’t miss meat at all.  And much to my concerned relatives’ surprise – I haven’t died.  Instead, I am relatively healthy and happy.

18739933_10209220738900189_5368037657580192554_n Beets and morels.

But in thinking about 25 years of going without fried chicken, I was just curious as to how much impact I’ve made as a vegetarian in the past 25 years, especially in terms of numbers of lives “saved,” or in some cases “prevented the raising of.”  I was inspired by an article one of our members (Doug) posted yesterday in our FB discussion group Climate Steps that was an interview of famous marine biologist Sylvia Earle, about eating fish.  (Message:  don’t do it.)

So instead of cleaning my…

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