Adventures in 2016 – a summary for the new blog

Hi all,

This is my first post on this particular adventure blog – and I really should have started back in January.  Well, its December now.  And my life is finally calm enough that I can catch up on my stories.  So sit back, kids, and listen to Aunt Annette talk.  Ha!  Actually it’s mostly going to be a series of photos.

But first – to catch you up, in the years 2011, 2014, and 2015, I had New Year’s resolutions to have an adventure each week, or at least three a month.   I blogged about it in 2014 (, and then again in 2015 (  And they were fun!  But very time-consuming – especially the writing of the blog posts.  So in 2015, with the acquisition of a new boyfriend, I decided to become laid back for 2016, and only post as adventures came up and time allowed.  Thus I created this new blog – with a name I can keep over the years instead of having to change it each time.

So as I said, however, its December now.  Without a resolution to have an adventure each week, I definitely had fewer, and wrote about them even less.  Basically I forgot how much time boyfriends take up, this being my first “very serious” relationship in several years.  Now, having Andy ask my Dad if it was okay to marry me definitely counts as an adventure, but as we weren’t ready to announce it, I didn’t want to blog about it.  And it turns out, that was as close as we got.  The adventures list for 2016 does  not include us getting married – as recently Andy and I decided we weren’t really right for each other.  (First off, its apparent that Andy is more of a traditionalist than I am – I really don’t feel like the groom should ask permission of the parents.)   Andy and I did have a lot of fun, so it was a great year.   [Minus the election trauma, which I will not talk about here.]

Anyway, most of my adventures are actually from my traveling for work:  Maine, Santa Fe, OK to Texas, Kuwait…, and eating an occasional rare fruit.  Yesterday I bought a pomelo, so I’ll be posting about what that’s like in a day or so.

But sometimes, just enjoying life as it is is great too.  Right now, I am sitting in a lounge chair, looking out the back porch windows at a great mountain-ish view here in East Texas at my parents’ farm.  First day of vacation.  Ate two mini-packets of M&Ms.  I am warm.  Life is good.

Happy Holidays folks.   Slideshows to come…




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