Mini – adventure: the Golden Driller

I was in Stillwater, Oklahoma, for work again this September.  Again, I had to make it interesting.  Having already kidnapped my research panel in 2014 to take them to the Blue Whale of Catoosa, this time I had to take the panel to something equally as impressive.  An adventure was one of the reasons one of my panelists had given up his free time for this work trip, after all.  So, despite a very tight schedule, we managed to swing by and see the Golden Driller.


Yes – a giant, golden, statue to an oil man.  I didn’t know it until just now, but it is the largest free-standing statue in the U.S (based on the link above). and its right hand rests on a real oil rig.  (The last part, having grown up in Texas and Oklahoma, I had figured.)

The panelist was appeased!  (That almost makes it sound like we went to worship at some golden idol…, ha!).  It is always fun to go see random things.  My mantra.


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