Train to Texas, a timescape

One of my favorite trips of the year – and yet so simple. I had to work in Oklahoma City in September, then I took, for only $55 (!), the train to Longview, Texas to visit my parents. (My parents still had to drive an hour to pick me up, but then they have to do that if I fly in anyway.) It was about a seven hour trip, done in two legs. I had done the first leg before, so I knew it would be beautiful, going first went from OKC south to Fort Worth through countryside via the Heartland Flyer. In Fort Worth, I ate at one of my favorite Thai restaurants (Tie restaurant) just blocks from the train station, and then I took Amtrak east to Longview.

This trip, I slept less, and took pictures more. I felt like I had stepped back in time to the 40s, so I took most of the pictures in sepia, although two were in color. The last one was to prove to my parents that the trip was actually on board a nice, modern train. I love taking trains. That rocking comfort (and leg space) are just fantastic. But it’s been a while since my parents have taken one, so I wanted them to be assured about the comfort (and safety) of it.

When I started the trip, I wasn’t thinking of photos of the old train station in Oklahoma City, currently being renovated, but it is a gorgeous old place, so next time. The other thing that struck me, besides the photos here, is the woodiness of E. Texas. When one drives the highway, there are always wide buffer zones, strip malls, and fast food joints along the way. When one takes the train – you see woods, and downtown crossroads with old white wood houses. Often poorer houses, but ones with much more character and history.

I next plan to take the train from DC to Louisiana. Just. Because.


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