Pomelo the Pamplemousse

Life should be random, and I live up to that more than I used to, having forced myself to have a “random” adventure each week basically in 2014 and 2015.  I’m not doing that this time; now I just take advantage of bizarre, unusual things whenever I have the chance.  Thus, the …. pomelo.

I picked it up in a Walmart in Henderson Texas.  It took up my entire hand with fingers extended. What is this giant green citrus?

Turns out it is the ancestor of the grapefruit, and native to South/southeast Asia.  But Mom and I deliberately did not look that up until after we cut it open and tasted it.  Sure enough we thought, “hey, this tastes exactly like grapefruit.”  But it has a much thicker pith; if we had cut it in the right direction, however, we could have eaten it with our grapefruit spoons, instead of tearing it apart with our hands.  It is very workable – and very tasty.   It is also called the shaddock (which I always thought was a fish) or the pamplemousse.


There’s a lot more cool info on the etymology of this fruit (Latvian =Pampelmūze), at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomelo.

Anyway, another random adventure in 2016.  Next post will be about the MidEast.


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