Kuwait and its Scientists

When I was 15, my Dad went to work in Saudi Arabia for two years, in order to help with the communications of its airport system and to earn some extra money.  I won’t say how long ago that was, but I begged him to let me go with him.  I wanted to see the incredibly exotic Mideast:   Laurence of Arabia, markets, the Road to Wherever with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. He told me that the last thing Saudi Arabia wants is an American teenager, a girl in fact, running around in the city.  I would have to stay home in the compound most days.  Bitterly disappointed, I only slightly got over it when he brought me back some beautiful brass sculptures.

I am now so not a teenager. Umpteen years later, I went to Kuwait this past December.  I was co-teaching a workshop for scientists within Kuwait to help them understand the competitive writing process, and why it is important to justify various aspects of a research proposal.  My boss and I worked with the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science – an incredible group of dedicated people.  And we taught excited early career environmental scientists, social scientists, geneticists, and chemical engineers.  It was a wonderful experience.

Although I didn’t have time for markets, nor a chance to get out of Kuwait City, here are some photos of my mini-adventure.  Beginning with the incredible view from my hotel room (as seen above).  The real adventure actually was in meeting these great folks, who were so interested in collaboration and learning.



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